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Window & Door Head Flashing

  1. As in other flashing applications the head flashing should be installed behind / underneath the house wrap so water sheds off in shingle fashion. Usually to accomplish this you will need to cut the house wrap that is above the radius into segments using approximately 6-inch cuts extending outward from the curve. The house wrap segments can then be lifted so the flashing can go behind.

  2. The flexible head flashing comes in 6-ft. lengths. It has tapered drain channels throught the entire length. at each end it has built in kickouts. These kickouts are there needed for radius work where the radius curves down to a vertical side and the angle is too steep to rely on the drain channels to direct the water out. In these cases the kickouts will get the water out of the wall as it runs around this steep curve. Without it water may want to enter the wall at the end of the flashing. Each piece of head flashing is long enough for a 4-ft. half round. For larger units you will need more than one piece but the installation is the same.

  3. Starting at the side of the unit place the flashing kickout just lower than the point where the radius goes vertical. Wrap the flashing around the radius until you reach the top and mark the flashing there. You will cut the flashing at that point using a utility knife or a saw. Try for a fairly square cut. repeat this on the other side of the radius.

  4. Next, you have two sides that you will join together. Since the flashing has drain grooves over its length you are only concerned about the water that may land on the joint. To secure this spot you will simply place tape under the seam, up the back, and over the inside of the vertical leg. This will seal the seam and you will not have tape exposed on the outside edge. We recommend a foil-backed tape.

  5. Place the head flashing over the unit securing it close against the unit. You can use staples, nails, or screws.

  6. Now let the house wrap down back over the flange of the flashing and place tape over the cuts.

  7. Repeat this process for all of your units.

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