Lifetime Warranty

Are the flashing products Warrantied?

Weather Out Flashing products carry a Lifetime Warranty. They are warrantied to be free from defects and to perform without failure if they are installed properly. Performance is defined as preventing water from passing through the wet areas of our parts.
This warranty is a lifetime warranty to the original property owner at the time of purchase.

Any claims must include:

   Proof and date of purchase

   Proof of proper installation

   Proof of product failure


NOTE: While our parts can typically be fastened through the primary wet area we cannot warranty against failure at that point due to the variability in how this may be done. The elasticity of our product will allow it to seal around small nails and screws. If they are worked back and forth or if they are removed and re-inserted our product may not seal as it originally did. If reaming screws are used they remove the material around the screw shaft that creats the seal and failure may result. Fasteners installed through the wet area must be of non-corroding materials to prevent the shrinkage due to corrosion and possible seal failure.

The nailing flanges of our pans and the nailing fins of our head flashing are not considered to be primary wet areas.

This warranty is limited to shipping postage paid of any replacement parts.

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