Kick Out Flashing

Reversible Kick Out Flashing

  1. Cut the house wrap so that when the roof step flashing goes on it is installed behind the wrap so water sheds in shingle fashion.

  2. Istall the kick-out flashing under your last piece of step flashing at the bottom edge of the roof.

    Note — there are three surfaces to our flashing. Two are almost square and one is angled with a notch in it. One of the square surfaces will go against the wall ( depending on if it is used on a right or left wall ). The angled surface always goes against the roof.

  3. The sole purpose of the kickout is to channel the water that flows along the step flashing out from behind the siding material so it doesn't enter your wall at the roof edge. Once it exits the siding it has done its job and can be trimmed off with a utility knife if desired.

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