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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the flashing products Warrantied?

Weather Out Flashing products carry a Lifetime Warranty. They are warrantied to be free from defects and to perform without failure if they are installed properly. Performance is defined as preventing water from passing through the wet areas of our parts.
This warranty is a lifetime warranty to the original property owner at the time of purchase.

Any claims must include:

   Proof and date of purchase

   Proof of proper installation

   Proof of product failure


NOTE: While our parts can typically be fastened through the primary wet area we cannot warranty against failure at that point due to the variability in how this may be done. The elasticity of our product will allow it to seal around small nails and screws. If they are worked back and forth or if they are removed and re-inserted our product may not seal as it originally did. If reaming screws are used they remove the material around the screw shaft that creats the seal and failure may result. Fasteners installed through the wet area must be of non-corroding materials to prevent the shrinkage due to corrosion and possible seal failure.

The nailing flanges of our pans and the nailing fins of our head flashing are not considered to be primary wet areas.

This warranty is limited to shipping postage paid of any replacement parts.

Are Weather Out Flashing products Patented?

Yes, our products are protected by 6 different patents.

How does weather out flashing perform in freezing or wet weather?

Cold or wet weather does not affect our products. They will not crack because they are made of durable polypropylene.

Do you recommend straight sections between the corner pieces on all windows and doors?

Yes, we recommend using our straight sections on all windows and doors. You can add as many straight sections together as needed to cover the sill of the rough opening. You join them together by simply applying butyl tape over the joint. See install videos.

How much will it cost to protect a window or door?

A single window or door will cost less than $20 to protect.

How do you secure the corners and straight pan flashing pieces?

Our pans are designed to be shimmed under the pan itself so that you do not destroy the back dam. after setting your door or window onto our pan, you can shim under the pan with the door or window sitting in it and secure the pan at the same time you nail the window or door to the structure. Simply apply butyl tape over the joint making sure to work the tape into the inside corner at the back dam. See installation videos.

Is there a right and a left for every product?

No, there are no right and left pieces. all of the pieces are non-handed, meaning they fit both the left and right.

What size window or door can the head flashing be used on?

The head flashing comes in 6' pieces, and one piece can easily do a 3' half round. using two pieces you can do up to a 7' diameter. If you have a larger unit to protect simply add more pieces. You seal the joint by applying a foil backed butyl tape. For head flashing you can apply the tape to the underside of the joint and up the back and then forward over the front of the fins. You can stop before it shows. Works really well to seal the joint. DO NOT CAULK

Does your product overlap?

Most of our products are designed to have butt joints that are protected by your foil backed butyl tape. Our 6-9/16" pan flashing (corners and straights) have a 1" built-in overlap and a built-in drip edge. You overlap this thin section only and then protect with the same butyl tape. DO NOT CAULK

How do you account for the joint between the pieces?

We suggest using butyl flashing tape to cover the joints. any brand of butyl flashing tape works well with our product. We recommended a 2 inch tape Polyken 360-17 Foilmastic.  DO NOT USE CAULK

Can the flashing be cut easily?

Yes, all of our flashing can easily be cut with a utility knife.

Where is Weather Out Flashing’s home location?

We are located out of Charlotte, North Carolina.

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